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We are a website about hunting, fishing and how best to approach these past times. We want to answer some important questions about gear, guns, the wilderness and animals you can encounter in different hunting grounds. Besides this, we want to talk about the sport in general and some trends that you can encounter.  

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We offer a range of services that are all linked to hunting and fishing and jobs and equipment that are linked with these sports. Our mission is to help you in the planning of your perfect hunting and fishing trip.  



We will talk about and offer all you need for planning your hunting trip. This means that we will go over some guns, emo, and hunting gear, as well as the places you can go hunting to and the laws that will regulate your hunting trip. 



There are a lot of new thing going on in fishing, and we will go over all of that for you. Besides this, we will talk about bate, places for fishing and different fishing methods you can employ for hunting fish.



With boats you can have your own mini floating island, that can give you a lot of pleasure will you are out in the wilderness. That’s why we want to talk about the different bout types and models and what are they best suited for and how to care for them.  


This website has helped me a lot. I am new at hunting, and I didn’t know a lot about it but the fact that I got here helped me to plan my first trips. Not to mention all the gear I didn’t know I could get and that I need.


I have been fishing for quite some time, and since I am not young as I used to be I don’t like wasting my time going shopping for gear that’s why this website is so good for me. Everything I need is brought to my porch and I just have to throw the bate.

MY boyfriend loves hunting, and I wanted to get him something but I didn’t want to ask around. I figured I could do the research my self and get him what he needs, this website helped me a lot in this, and my boyfriend got the gun he always wanted.


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