Time To Take Out The Trash Fish

Nature is predictable to a certain extent, that’s why we can use some of this knowledge to help us in our hobbies or job. Its always essayer to go hunting for something that you know to find, or you have an idea of its moving habits and way of living. The same goes for fish and fishing, and especially if you are searching for a particular fish like carp, gar or catfish.


Besides the pure enjoyment of going out to shallow waters and taking a bow and arrow to shoot at fish, a most productive way to catch fish. There are other benefits of doing bow fishing in the springtime, and they are to do with the ecosystem.

Why Bow- fish in the spring?

Spring is that time of the year when most animals like to mate, the same goes for fish. Many of the fish species, especially the sweet water ones, like to come to more shallow waters where there are reed and other types of vegetation to plant the seeds of their future generations amidst the protection of the dead foliage. This leaves them quite exposed to the human eye, and if you look in the water from a boat you will see a lot of fishes going around in the shallow parts of ponds, lake, and rivers.


One can easily see why this time of the year is excellent for bowfishing, but there is another reason to fish. Most of the species that are hunted in the springtime like carp are not native to a lot of waters they inhabit. They were brought from different places to either be farmed or to control some other aspect of the ecosystem. Since these populations are invasive, they have to be controlled and this is where bowfishing comes in.

This way you can catch a lot of fish effectively and in the right time of year, so your population check will have an effect. Not to mention that a lot of these fish like to lurk in deeper waters, where they will hide from your eyes so doing this in spring might be the most effective time of year to use a bow for fishing. This way you are ensuring that the invasive fish population does not reach a population number that can be harmful to the entire ecosystem of the waters they inhabit.