Deer Hunting Regulations in America

Deer hunting is a favorite sport for a lot of citizens of the USA, that’s why we love doing it so much. Almost all the states have some type of deer in their territory and with that a set of laws that regulate their hunting or just charge you for different things associated with deer hunting. What are the different laws? And what are the best states to go hunting?

State Laws

We want to go over some of the more absurd laws there are in some of the states before we talk about the ones where you should go for a trip. For instance, in New York, you have to buy a muzzle loading license to hunt with a crossbow, as well as an archery license. In Main, you are not allowed to hunt on Sunday if you have no vacation time and a hard work schedule that leaves you with four hunting days a season. If you want to use a crossbow during archery season in Florida you have restrictions on doing so on public land unless you are disabled.


On the other hand, there are states that have excellent laws for hunting deer, or just incredible natural resources that are good for the animals and make them abundant in that area. We are going to go over some such states.

Kansas has waste expanses of public land and a lot of mature bucks that will give you a challenge. The only problem is that you have to pay a lot for a permit if you are not a local but if you have the money then don’t the hunting ground is all yours. Ohio is also excellent for indulging this sport, just have in mind that a lot of people are heading over there to do the same so do your research before going on the trip.


The best state by far for hunting deer in Wisconsin, first of all, because of the abundance of animals there are. Secondly, because you can get a non-residential permit for 180 US dollars, and hunt all you want on over six million acres of land. Some will even say that you are doing the state a favor. You can find more information about where to hunt from the state’swebsite at