About Airgun Hunting

Most people consider an airgun a very good way to practice your gunning skills, and it can be used to control different types of pests and vermin that might plague you. But can you actually go hunting with such a gun? And if so what type of game can you catch?


The air gun is a handy tool to have around the house and the modern version are powerful enough to deal fatal damage to small gain. Whether you want to use it as protection in around your house, or as a hunting weapon for more serious trips into the wilderness the gun can help you in all situations.


Plus, there are different gun and pellet calibers so you can get the one you need, suited for the particular size of the game.

What Can You Hunt?

Pest control with the help of the airgun is fairly easy, that is if your pest is not an opossum. The gun can be used to shoot rats, woodpeckers and other small rodents and birds that you have a problem with. Just make sure that you are not shooting at an endangered species. You don’t have to kill everything you shoot at that is why it is useful to use a smaller caliber gun to use as a deterrent. You can hit the animal with painful shots or hit near it to scare it away.


What most of us are interested in is airgun hunting and before we start talking about how to approach the hunting of particular animal, and what can be hunted in general we need to talk about the gun caliber first. There is no universal size gun, you need to know up front the size of the animals you want to shoot at. The logic is simple from the on the size of the airgun pallet should follow the size of the animal.

You can hunt a lot of things with an airgun, by this we mean everything from rabbits and gray squirrel which are the easier game you can hunt. If you know where to shoot you can even hunt raccoons, woodchucks, and even the infamous opossum mentioned at the beginning. For the end a piece of advice for those who are new to airgun hunting: always aim for the heart or head.